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17 & 19 & 24 Nov 2020

GTC Virtual Conference 2020 
Staying out of trouble on taxes - how to handle complex disputes with multiple stakeholders
GTC Conference 2020 (2).png

Day 1 - 17th November

Presentations & Recordings

Taxpayers rights.PNG
how tax authorities use data.PNG
Threats to taxpayers right.PNG
Low risk distributors.PNG
How to deal with extreme tax authorities
Diversity of safe harbours.PNG
German case on nexus and WHT.PNG
Vodafone case in India.PNG

Day 2 - 19th November

Presentations & Recordings

Controversy in the valuation of intangib
Transfer pricing & valuation intangibles
Value Chain and Intangibles.PNG
Lessons learned court cases on intangibl
Alternative dispute resolution tools.PNG
The suitability of traditional APAs in t
Scrutiny by Tax authorities across the g

Day 3 - 24th November

Presentations & Recordings

Good corporate tax citizenship.PNG
The benefits of running a CSR.PNG
Being tax compliant guarantees.PNG
EU state aid.PNG
EU commission.PNG
The impact of Apple's general court deci
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