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27 September, 2022

GTC Conference 2022

The 6 leading themes on
International Tax dilemm
as and complexities

The annual GTC conference was based on 6 whitepapers that GTC experts wrote exclusively for the event.

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Delve into the cutting-edge insights and expertise shared at the annual GTC Conference 2022 as we proudly unveil our exclusive booklet, a compilation of six meticulously crafted whitepapers authored by GTC experts specifically for this exceptional event.


Click below to download recordings of the full sessions on all topics.

1. "Ethics of Tax Planning"

How do morality and ethics play an important role

in today's international tax arena?

3. "Tax Footprint"

What do multinationals publish on their global tax footprint to society?

5. "How to Set Up a Tax Risk Committee"

What should your tax risk committee report to the audit committee or to the board?

2. "Code of Conduct: Principles for Tax Authorities"

Are the tax authorities treating multinationals

in a fair and equitable manner?

4. "Recent Experience on Onshoring of IP"

What is the tax impact and experience from onshoring of intangibles by multinationals?

6. "Anti-abuse Clauses - Interpretation Under Treaties"

How do multinationals deal with the tsunami of

anti-abuse measures issued by tax authorities?


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