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Global Workshop - "How to Talk Tax in the Boardroom?"

Global Workshop - "How to Talk Tax in the Boardroom?"

The demand for full transparency reflected in the agendas and action plans of international organizations (like the OECD, UN, EU) are expected to create a pressure that will impact the executive level of corporations.

Corporate criminal liability for tax matters seems to be a winning force as can be seen from the German government’s proposal to introduce a corporate criminal liability regime. Moreover, the increasing volume of reporting rules at board level are reflected in the requirement in the UK that the tax strategy of the company must be approved and signed-off by a named individual at the executive board level, making tax accountability a reality in the boardroom.Therefore, the time to talk to your tax stakeholders is now. To facilitate an effective dialogue with executives and non-executives in the boardroom, the following issues are important to be addressed:

1. What does BEPS mean in the boardroom?

2. How do you organize tax and governance in your communication to the boardroom? 3. Does the non-exec and exec boards involve tax in their strategic thinking? 4. What is the frequency of addressing tax at the level of the audit committee and boardroom meetings? 5. Are you ready for full tax disclosure to all stakeholders? 6. How does tax and technology impact taxpayers’ reputation? 7. How have you dealt with DAC 6? The issues posed in the boxes above should be dealt with by corporates to be “in control”. Therefore, TPA Global is facilitating a Harvard-style “lessons learned” workshop from famous global tax controversy cases like Apple, Caterpillar, etc. The workshops target CFOs, Heads of Tax and Heads of Transfer Pricing. A team of globally renowned, independent specialists and CFOs with an audit committee background and with a wide-range of experience in discussing tax in the boardroom are invited to discuss these issues with the participants in an interactive boardroom simulation setting. At the workshop, CFOs, Heads of Tax and Heads of Transfer Pricing will: The benefits for you are: The views, information, or opinions expressed in the case studies are extracted from publicly available documents and have not been in any way or form altered by the presenters. The goal of the exercise is to represent facts and take non-tax technical people through a decision-making process a board would have to go through if the start of the case was today. The positions and views do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of TPA Global or any of the presenters.

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We are looking forward to welcome you at this very informative workshop!

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