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Tax-less Corporate Income: Balance against White Income, Grey Rules and Black Holes

The potential of globalization and digitization is clearly shown in international taxation which is in the phase of complete overhaul. What was deemed acceptable a few years ago may now become insufficient, outdated and unfit. Amongst some of the factors driving such transformation, one may also be ‘stateless income’. Stateless income mainly compromises flexible income earned by multinationals or simple taxpayers through virtual or cyber transactions.

This article discusses what stateless income means, the origin of stateless income, problems of associated with stateless income and the rights and wrongs of Stateless Income. It ends up with suggesting certain remedies and the potential solution that can be considered in near future.

The article also lays down the fact that the main cause of stateless income is a lack of a clear link between these incomes and the jurisdiction’s right to tax them. Hence, the solution to the problem should move in establishing link between them (i.e. a clear link/nexus must be established with the place of origin of the income). Also, it should be ensured that, that any link or links selected will be greeted favorably by all tax jurisdictions.

The more time it takes to agree on the common criteria’s concerning the source of income, the more the international community will suffer the consequences of stateless income. Hence, Governments across the globe needs to adapt a holistic and proactive approach and work in a cooperative manner to find optimal solution for the future.

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