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The EU is getting closer to introduce public Country by Country reporting (CbCr)

A large majority of EU Member States’ representatives have expressed their will to move forward with public CbCr. This would require multinational groups to report publicly certain information on items such as activities, number of employees, net turnover, profit or loss before tax, tax accrued and paid, etc. This may require not only EU based groups, but also EU based entities of foreign groups, to present their CbC figures publicly.

This decision will require you to publicly report your CbC figures per country for all entities within the EU. For all entities outside of EU, it has been suggested that the disclosure is made on an aggregated level. Since the figures included are high level figures, the conclusions derived from that reporting may raise questions, and it may therefore be even more important for a group to analyse the CbC figures in greater detail before a submission is made. This could mean that a collection of additional figures might be necessary, followed by a calculation of KPIs which are more suited to explain the figures for the group accurately.


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