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+31 20 462 3533


Value Chain Analysis, Transfer Pricing Strategy, Risk Management, Design, documentation and implementation.

Academic Background

  • Masters in fiscal economics from the University of Rotterdam and member of Dutch tax bar association.

  • Steef is a founding partner and CEO of TPA Global.

  • Published books and articles on valuation of intangibles, tax and TP aspects of digital economy, TP dispute resolution, TP for Private Equity funds and various BEPS related topics.

  • Involved in representations to the OECD on tax, TP and BEPS related subjects, including many APA, MAP and as an expert witness

Notable Engagements

  • Has more than 30 years of experience in the area of value chain analysis, transfer pricing strategy, risk management, design, documentation and implementation.

  • Developed Global Tax, Business and educational technology platform and the 'value chain analysis' practice at TPA Global.

  • Expert on tax, business and educational technology solutions.

  • Frequently acts as expert witness on global/regional transfer pricing/BEPS disputes and also acts as a senior and experienced advisor on BEPS related issues.

  • Involved in Advanced Pricing Agreement negotiations with various tax authorities.

  • Designed BEPS proof TP Governance and Operating models for MNEs and implemented it to the realities of multiple clients involved in providing loading and unloading solutions to customers and providing security solutions to customers among others.

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