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26 . May & 2nd . June

GTC Virtual Conference 2021 
The 2021 battle on more tax revenues, how tax authorities will claim a high slice of the profit pie and how corporates will respond
GTC Conference 2021.png

Day 1 - 26th May 

Presentations & Recordings

How onshoring of IP leads to a host of t
Recreating nexus for intangibles.PNG
How to widen amount B definition under a
What is the realistic proposition reallo
Rethinking Pillar I.PNG
What are the standard arguments pro and

Day 2 - 2nd June 

Presentations & Recordings

How to handle complex disputes - an intr
The full story on Vodafone and Cairn arb
Allocation of risks and corresponding pr
An ADR perspective.PNG
How to resolve the coca cola dispute wit
Australian approach to TP and ADR Case S
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