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Global Tax Controversy

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The global tax controversy (GTC) team offers you an extensive list of senior tax litigators, arbitrators and mediators, who are not only specialized in intricacies of international tax, but are fully up to date on all recent developments in the global tax arena. Their global reach brings to multinationals a ‘safe haven’ of specialists, all renowned in their area of expertise.

By taking the global value chain of a multinational as the starting point, all of these tax litigators, arbitrators and mediators are able to bridge differing views between taxpayers and tax authorities. In the exceptional cases where parties cannot resolve their disputes and miscommunications, the GTC team is experienced to represent taxpayers in courts OR to support taxpayers in mediation and arbitration of internationals tax matters.

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The extensive set of tools and practices promoted by the GTC team includes, for example: applying for an APA, managing a MAP process, dealing with local formalities on tax litigation proceedings, arranging supporting expertise like valuation and other economic analytics, running the actual court cases, dealing with international institutions like UN, OECD and EU Commission etc.

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2017-11-24 13:12:33

Black money crackdown: Linking offshore structures to tax evasion is case of mistaken identity

Frictions between the two are bound to arise and sensationalism of the likes of “Panama and Paradise Papers” will accentuate challenges for legitimate tax-compliant investors and tax administrators.